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Ravensbourne National Park.

This is the first post in what will be hopefully many. This space I suppose is a little bit of a mix, sort of part blog, part Image flow. Its main purpose is a platform to display my images, be they a selection of commissioned shots, hikes in nature, travel imagery or just experimentations.  


Last monday I leapt upon the opportunity to visit Ravensbourne National Park for the afternoon, located 30km north of Toowoomba. After a pre-hike lunch which quickly escalated to gourmet level (I supplied a camper stove, a frypan, mushrooms and garden herb and veg) we set off for our hike, our timing co-inciding with the weather gods' good appreciation of taste. In other words, the weather was perfect- quite mild, not to hot with the slightest hint of drizzle to see out the afternoon. 

I like this framing although it wasn't free. As I was kneeling to get the shot, my shin compressed onto the dreaded Stinging Tree, one of the most toxic plants in Australia. Luckily it was only a young sap and the mind numbing pain slowly subsided after about an hour. No regrets. 

Apart from being out amongst the splendour of nature and enjoying the time with lovely company, I used this trip as a photographic exercise in two ways. The first was mostly technical practice- honing my eye and getting used to the levels of light below the canopy and exposing accordingly. The monochrome images in this post are the results of this. 

I wanted to get used to the low light conditions under the canopy and keep my eyes peeled for opportunities for some more conceptual photography. More specifically, opportunities to capture images for an ongoing series titled desolare. Here is a snapshot below. 

By the time we were leaving, a thick mist had enshrouded the ranges which skirt the forest. This made for a very striking sunset (again, thank you weather gods). 

A rare colour photo. Sunsets are my weakness.

A rare colour photo. Sunsets are my weakness.